Sunday, October 9, 2011

Huashan Mountain Exploration

I've known Mt. Huashan for long, it is said the mountain is quite precipitous, grand and magnificent, I thought I've known about it thoroughly through pics online and I've already prepared well for my Huashan Mountain exploration, while when I stayed there by myself, enjoying the precipitous mountains by my own eyes, I can still hardly believe. I always revere the Nature, but I've never thought about such a miracel made by Nature, it is almost beyond imagination.

From the following pics, you may have a general feeling of how I felt then when standing on such kind of stairs, more than 70°, have an image that what if I didn't hold tightly then?

Yes, the time is clearly recorded, it is definitely 00:10, we intended to appreciate the sunrise at the peak, so we started our journey late at night, understand?

The East Peak is at an elevation of more than 2,000m, and at the same time, it is still early in the morning, too cold, the coat was rented at the peak, RMB50/coat, a little bit expensive, isn't it?

Finally, the sun comes out, worth a whole night's wait and coldness, really magnificent

Wow, I am still a little bit dread when see the pic now

on the way to get down of Mt. Hua, strange, right? It is obviously a way to another peak. Listen to me patiently, it is because there are too many visitors that day, to maintain good transportation system, we are unwillingly to climb two more peaks, tired  

river on the foot of the mountain, so clear and clean, we wash our hands and faces there