Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where to Go in this Winter

Shelly said that: If winter comes, can spring be far behind? On the other hand, why not enjoy the gift given by nature? Winter, though cold, boasts its own attractiveness. Here recommended a routes in 7 days Northeast China tour for you:
From where you are to Harbin, have a general understanding of Harbin on the Central Street, and in Saint Sophia Cathedral;
the Central Street

Saint Sophia Cathedral

Then the second day, leisurely walk on the Central Street, Stalin Park, Sun Island Snow Expo, Snow and ice macrocosm, enjoying "Chinese-Baroque" architecture;

The third day, go to Shanghe Town in Wuchang City and later go to Dongsheng;
something like the view in Jiangnan?

The forth day, start from Dongsheng, hiking to Shuangfeng forestry station;

The fifth day, begin your visit from Shuangfeng forestry station to Jingpo Lake, then Dunhua City,
later to Erdaobaihe Town, the autonomous district of Korean nationality in Yanbian;
the temperature of the water is as high as 80C, so eggs can be boiled within 30 minutes

The sixth day, start from Erdaobaihe town to Mt. Changbai scenic area, enjoying wonderful view in the Tianchi Lake, the hot spring, the forest underground and the waterfalls, and stay in Dunhua City for a night;

The last day, from Dunhua to Jilin and enjoying the world-known Rime.