Friday, December 9, 2011

Top 9 Lakes in Tibet

1. Namsto Lake
As the second largest salt water lake in China, the Namsto Lake is also the largest lake standing in the highest altitude. All around the lake, there are verdant mountains and vast grassland.

2. Basum Lake
Compared to Namsto Lake, Basum Lake may be not that well-known, it is the largest fresh water barrier lake in Tibet.

3. Tangra Yumco Lake
Besides in myths and legends, Tangra Yumco Lake is rarely known, let alone those who has ever been there. It is the largest sacred lake for Tibetan Bonism and also the third largest lake in Tibet, covering an area of 1,400 at an elevation of about 4,600 m.

4. Raksas Tal Lake
Closely nestled another sacred lake Mapam Yumco, the Raksas Tal Lake is noted for a sacred devil lake, though closed situated, the water in these two lakes are quite different. In Mapam Yumco, the water is fresh and clean, sweet while in the Raksas Tal Lake, the water is, however, bitter to swallow.

5. Mapam Yumco Lake
For Buddhists, Mapam Yumco Lake is the most sacredest, the water in the lake can help wash away all annoyance in one's heart.

6. Ram Naco Lake
The lake resembles a piece of skull, hidden in dense forests, the Tibetans believe they can receive true enlightenment from the lake and they can see their own prelife and life after death.

7. Yamdrok Lake
The water in Yamdrok Lake is noted as the freshest, which mainly comes from the melting snow.

8. Siling Lake
Together with Raksas Tal Lake, the Siling Lake is known as a devil lake.

9. Lake Palgon
The last lake comes to Lake Palgon, there is no religious myths about the lake, while it is one of the most famous lake in Tibet.