Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lijiang Trip In China.

   Lijiang,a most charming tourist destination in yunnan.

    The mornning of lijiang is quiet,an old women who is going to shopping,some relaxed travellers and the sunshine down from the eaevs,a charming landscape is formed.Fresh air give you the most comfortable felling.

   After 15:00 every afternoon ,lijiang come into a busy status.Many travellers go to the street,buying some memoriable presents,seeing the most beautiful scenery or taking a photo with best friends.There are  many handsome boeys ,pretty girls ,besides for the original landscape,they also become another scenery。

    Darkness enveloped,lijiang show  another status.People come together ,listening t the most moving story in the small town.Many people come back to lijiang after many year's hardworking,they love the quiet pace here ,they miss the fresh  air and charming status.

   Time comes by ,lijiang become the destination where time stop.Felling the lesuir states,you will love your lijiang trip in China.